"Core Creative has always been super responsive to our needs, and they have a real eye for design. They are full of fresh ideas for our business, and works very quickly to produce very high quality work. They are connected with many businesses in town and makes recommendations across businesses when appropriate. Working with them has been a real pleasure!"

"The Core Creative team is not only creative, knowledgeable in all aspects of Marketing including re-branding, designing/building new Company websites, client relations, and even with producing top-quality Fiesta Medals but is also attentive and cost-effective. I would highly recommend Core Creative."

“I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Katie, and would not hesitate to recommend her capabilities to anyone. It’s difficult to find someone that has a strategic “mindset” with such a heavy creative background. There are very few in this industry that can manage both. Katie is one of them. She can engage and provide direction in a strategic brainstorming meeting, provide consumer insight, provide statistical background and rationale, then deliver relevant, on-point and integrated creative – from traditional to the newest form of social media.”

“Ever since we started with Core Creative they have improved our company’s marketing effort tremendously. They have created great new ways to market our company in many ways that we did not think of. I would highly recommend Core Creative to anyone who needs to start or improve their marketing plan.”

“My organization hired Core Creative in the Fall of 2012 with the task of rebranding our group and upgrading our website. Our site looks tremendous and was delivered within our budget. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable in their pursuits and I would recommend them to anyone.”

“Thanks for your effort to provide us with a website that outlines our business in an outstanding format. Your efforts and talents have resulted in giving us the website that showcases our business and we thank you for that. We will continue to use your company for future upgrades as we are pleased with your dedication and talents.”